Splash Cafe Rebranding Project

Original Splash Cafe Logo

Original Splash Cafe Logo

For this project , I redesigned the logo for Splash Cafe, a seafood restaurant located in Pismo Beach, CA. The cafe has a local, beachy vibe with a 90's color scheme that echos the exterior of the building and the original sign outside, which I thought was important to incorporate into the new logo. The redesign process included sketching possible new logos, refining and revising, coloring the final logo, and applying the new logo to branding assets.

Original Eight O'Clock Coffee Logo

Original Eight O'Clock Coffee Logo

Eight O'Clock Coffee Rebranding Project

For this project, I redesigned the logo for Eight O'Clock Coffee. The company did a study when choosing their name that showed the most popular times for customers to buy coffee were 8am and 8pm. I wanted to play with this idea in the new branding, which included a logo and packaging ideas. 


Barre Socks Sock Subscription Packaging

Barresocks, an athletic apparel brand founded on the idea of health, happiness, and having a good time, created the first ever monthly subscription for socks. The packaging was designed to resemble a snack package, and the ingredients include things like love, energy, and good vibes - all core concepts that fuel the company's target audience of youthful, exuberant women.


Wolf Girl Band Branding

'Wolf Girl' is a sister duo in southern California that needed a new look for a record release event. The logo was inspired by classic rock and Californian typography styles, with an elegant, mysterious color palette.   


Step Into the 60's Exhibition Branding

The project involved creating a fictitious exhibition at LACMA that focused on the music of the 1960's in America.