Getty College Night Poster

During my stint as the Design Studio intern at the Getty Museum, I was asked to create the promotional and informational poster for their annual college night for 2017. I used my own photography of the center for reference to create an abstract composition. 


Dogfight Musical Poster

This was an assignment to create a design for a poster in the style of Art Deco for one of our favorite musicals with a political or societal theme. Dogfight is a musical about a man who makes a bet with his friends that he can find the ugliest date, but ends up falling in love with the woman he meets. 


Polaroid Movie Teaser Campaign

Polaroid is a foreign horror movie about a haunted Polaroid camera: with one snap shot, the subject of the photo will face a horrible fate. This campaign was designed to tease at the movie's premise while creating intrigue and suspense. The camera's lens hides a skull while blood drips from the photo slot. The campaign was expanded to outdoor advertising platforms such as bus stops and billboards. 


Boarders for Breast Cancer Campaign

This poster was created to promote the Boarders for Breast Cancer company, founded to help inform, support, and encourage anyone who has been or knows someone who as been affected by breast cancer thorough sports and activity. The campaign was designed to incorporate both the ideas of boarding and breast cancer in a witty and subtle way. 


Wildlife and Climate Change

Below is one design in a series of posters created to help draw awareness to climate change across the globe and the effect that it has on animals and wildlife. The posters were designed to be playful while still communicating a very serious message. 


Her Movie Poster Design

These are a series of posters created for the movie Her staring Joaquin Phoenix and Scarlett Johannson. The posters were meant to evoke different emotions ranging from happy, to melancholy, to dreamy.